Coral Reef Aquariums Service

Aquarium Maintenance for Home and Business

Faster Cycle Time

When you select Coral Reef Aquariums to install your new saltwater aquarium your cycle time will be much faster. We use premium live sand, cured live rock, bacteria additives and premixed RO/DI saltwater that dramatically reduces the cycle time. Cycle time is the time period that your new underwater world undergoes the building of good bacteria called the nitogen cycle.

Normal cycle time can be 6 - 8 weeks however with our professional installation services our cycle time many times is only 3-4 weeks. This also depends on the equipment selection and the use of adaquate live rock. We highly recommend using Live Sand and Live Rock, which provides disposal of harmful Nitrates. In a fish only system it provides the same benefits as a reef aquarium as well as a healthier eco system for fish.

Installation Services

Coral Reef Aquariums offers professional Aquarium installation services in your home, office or business. Let us setup your Aquarium, furniture, filteration systems including electrical and plumbing. Our professional services will insure that all equipment is properly mounted and operational to provide your new underwater world with the adaquate life support system.

Quicker Startup

When you elect to have Coral Reef Aquariums professionally install your new aquarium the start-up time will be much quicker. Our trained professionals know how to install and properly setup all the included equipment for you new underwater world.

Our customers that elect to have our Aquarium Services install thier aquarium system comment to us that it was so much easier having their underwater world professionally installed. Plus they have the confidence that their aquarium life support system is operating properly.

During the installation we carefully explain each component of thier underwater world as well as any maintenance tips. This provides great educational value to our customers.

Contact Us

We operate out of Longwood Florida but service customers in Orlando Area, Central Florida Area, Eustis Area, Port Orange and Daytona area. Call us at (407) 341-5431, or EMAIL us at AQUARIUMSERVICES